UBC Solar is a student-led design team at the University of British Columbia that aims to promote public awareness of applications of solar technologies, and technical innovation in the field by demonstrating the practical power of solar energy in increasing transportation efficiency. Our team is multi-disciplinary, and comprises undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni from Engineering, Science, Business and the Arts. Our focus on in-house design and fabrication, combined with the diversity in experience within the team provides an exceptional environment for our members to gain and polish technical, creative and soft skills, supported by peer mentorship by more experienced members.

Personal Contribution

As a first year engineer in 2011 I joined as a mechanical team member where I was mentored by Graeham Douglas, a biomedical engineering masters student, who was head of the mechanical division. During this time I was able to make significant contributions to the braking systems and also performed a number of other calculations, they are summarized in the following list.

  • Performed rod end calculations to determine size for adequate factor of safety
  • Performed force analysis to determine brake pedal placement and sizing within ergonomic constraints
  • Performed analysis on vehicle dynamics to ensure braking acceleration met regulations set up by the American Solar Challenge
  • Designed and manufactured hydraulic braking assembly

In my later years on the team I also co-led UBC Solar's educational program where members learned about parametric design using Solidworks as well as how to use the Arduino microcontroller. I was in charge of the Solidworks tutorials, delivering 2 hour tutorials weekly for two months. I eventually became the mechanical team lead, creating simulation tutorials in Excel, MATLAB, and Solidworks as well as contributing to chassis, suspension, braking, and battery sub teams. My reference can be viewed below if you have the password.

UBC SOLAR 2012-2013